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Three days in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur City Scape

Time is flying and my wife and I are now towards the home stretch of our Asia tour. We intended to finish our Asia travel in Indonesia, but just to mix things up we took a three-day detour to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for an extended layover.

I did not expect Kuala Lumpur (or “KL” as everyone here calls it) to be so modern and developed. It reminded me a lot of Seoul. What’s more, the residents here are really interesting: it’s a predominantly Islamic society, but given the fact that the city is one of the major economic centers of Southeast Asia, many Westerners also live here. Everyone speaks English, and really well too.

The food is great (fantastic melting pot of Malay, Indian, and Western) and the city is nice, but there was something missing for me about this place. To me, KL just felt like another big city and I started to feel bored quickly.

I’ll keep this update brief. Here are some quick highlights from our KL trip.

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