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Startup life wrecked my body

Car Crash

I have a lot of friends who are startup founders. Lately whenever we meet up, I find myself sharing the same story with them; it’s about a car accident.

I can’t remember where I originally heard this story, but it stuck with me as an important metaphor for startup life. It goes something like this:

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How to stay in touch with 1000+ people

Kris Duggan of BetterWorks

On the right: Kris Duggan, Founder/CEO of BetterWorks and networking master.

It’s been said that people can only maintain about 150 relationships. But personally I think the bigger your network, the better.

A large and diverse social graph is an asset that pays huge dividends over time. Every week I rely on my network to get new intros, investing opportunities, and general advice for gadgets to buy.

The problem though is that humans are lazy and it’s too difficult to nurture a large network consistently. That’s why I’ve given up trying.

So instead, my strategy now is to write an annual holiday e-mail to update my social graph about my life. And it works great!

I’ve been doing annual updates for several years now. My recipients love it and it’s the perfect way to keep my relationships warm. This article outlines:

  1. How I create a list of contacts from my network
  2. How I structure my holiday message.

Before you read on, I am assuming that you use LinkedIn and have been keeping your contacts up to date. If not, don’t waste your time reading this article. You will need an active LinkedIn account to make this technique work.

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