Let’s destroy this myth

I’m super excited to announce that Hustle Con 2015 is officially happening on April 24, 2015 in San Francisco! This is an event for non-techies who are interested in starting startups, and it’s the third year we’re hosting this event.

So what is the point of our conference? Why do we exist when there are a gazillion other tech conferences?

Well, my team and I are on a mission to destroy a myth: that you need to be a techie in order to start a startup.

I meet so many would-be entrepreneurs every year who have awesome startup ideas, but are afraid. They make excuses like this:

“I have an incredible idea for a startup, but…

  • …I need to first find a technical co-founder in order to get started.”
  • …I need to first learn how to code.”
  • …I’m not an engineer so what’s the point?”


I’ll concede that there are many tech verticals where engineering is a requirement; but there are still so many other industries where non-technical entrepreneurs can thrive as successful startup leaders.

At Hustle Con, all our speakers are non-technical founders who run amazing startups. These founders come to the event to share their specific tactics on sales, growth marketing, product development, design, and many other topics.

Here are some of the folks who will be speaking at Hustle Con 2015:

You will be inspired by these great founders. They are living proof that non-techies can rule the startup world!

Please visit the the Hustle Con website to sign up and keep informed about the event. The previous two events we’ve hosted sold out quickly, so be sure to buy your tickets right as they go on sale in early February.

And finally a request: if you can make it out to San Francisco on April 24 to attend Hustle Con, please be sure to introduce yourself to me, Liz, Sam, and John (the Hustle Con co-founders). We’re always excited to meet a fellow hustler!

Hustle Con 2014 Crew! So handsome!

Hustle Con 2014 Crew! So handsome!

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