24 thoughts on “My wife and I are launching a new “startup”

      1. bottlingmoonlight

        Awesome way to do an announcement. And you so do not have to be done traveling – even for when your new addition is young. It’ll just change the way you travel, and possibly bring more magic to everything you see and experience. Congrats!

      2. Eric Post author

        Thank you. And yes, you’re right–new family is probably just an excuse. Travel is always possible, I need to remind myself of that!

      3. athenarcarson9

        Agree with bottlingmoonlight. Especially in that window after you get nursing established (between 1 and 2 weeks if you go that route) up until 4 – 5 months. During that time – you can take the baby literally anywhere!

  1. athenarcarson9

    “Tired of having money?”

    “Baby NOT FOR SALE.”

    Congratulations! Parenthood will be nothing like you think it will. It will be better and worse at the same time, but you will look at your baby and be glad you decided to get to know him / her. Because that’s what parenting is – you don’t have a baby, you get to know a new person.

    Thanks for the laugh! And best of luck!

  2. bellapauli

    Congratulations to you and your wife. A baby is a blessing that will change your life only for the better 🙂 wish you two the best in this new endeavor!!

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