Five days in Romania…meh



Don’t visit.

The landmarks are unremarkable. The food sucks. And the Romanian people themselves are depressingly down on their own country (but still nice).

Bucharest was a bore, except for the one terrific evening where we re-connected with an old friend living here. Transylvania was pretty, but relatively uninteresting. If you want nice views, castles, and charming villages, I would probably go a little more west to Austria.

Glad we tried Romania, but we just weren’t feeling it. I suspect most travelers won’t find it that great either.

Next stop: Budapest, Hungary.

8 thoughts on “Five days in Romania…meh

    1. Eric Post author

      Wish we had tried Timisoara. To be fair, we didn’t see that much of Romania (only Bucharest and Brasov), so my judgment may be colored by having seen only a few places.

  1. Lucy

    Interesting post. Most tourists say they like Bucharest, and I always wonder why. People here don’t seem to care for the historical buildings like other civilized countries do ( most are just falling apart). This country has some good parts though. You should spend some time in the mountains in Romania. Those are the most beautiful places in the whole country! The cities, not that much (loud, noisy, dirty, crazy traffic) and the people not always very friendly. Sibiu is a beautiful city though. It’s definitely my favorite from the whole country, with a nicer mentality, cleaner and friendlier than the capital city. I will write a blog post about some special places in Romania and share them with you. I’m sure you would be surprised 🙂 Romania is a nicely place to visit for the wild landscapes, but not such a nice place to live in. Sorry you had a bad experience here!

    1. Eric Post author

      I wouldn’t say that it was a bad experience, but just didn’t feel that excited about Bucharest. Brasov and the countryside were certainly more beautiful and unique. Probably should have spent more time there. Thank you for that feedback!

  2. johnbarleycorn12

    We visited there on a medical mission for two weeks. We were treated very well and enjoyed the food and culture. People were poor but did not know it. We dined in many peoples’ homes enjoying some great meals and hospitality. A very positive experience for my family.


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